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February 16, 2017
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Disconnect to Connect: Cuba’s Magic

Before our trips, clients ask about Wifi and cell reception. After our trips, there is rarely anyone who didn’t enjoy a little more presence in the moment.

You’ll be given Cuban cell phone numbers so your family and friends can reach you in an emergency.

There is Wifi and places to connect, but not everywhere or always available. This gap in connection is filled by music, art and people talking to the person right in front of them. The time and space that is created by a little bit less time looking at a phone, really helps people connect to the magic of Cuba.

Years ago, when I first spent time in Cuba, cell phones were very rare and not every house had a landline. People stopped by their friend’s house, called out to them from the street in front of the house or changed plans to be with friends when they ran into them on the street. Loneliness was not a huge cultural concept.

There is so much that we can do with technology but it also feels so good to step back and follow the rhythms of conversations, the flow of the moment and the sounds and sights all around.

I invite you to feel this really powerful connection that happens when everyone is more disconnected from social media and the internet. It is changing quickly and available in so many more places. This will bring really good things and opportunities in Cuba and it could also increase the cultural concept of loneliness.

We invite you to come move to the drums, laugh, be amazed, observe and spend a glorious adventure in the present!

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