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From Our Co-Founder

co-founder There aren't many companies where Cuban artists design and implement the programs. It sets us apart. This is not someone coming from outside to imagine and learn about our culture. I was born and raised in Havana. I live here and will welcome you like a guest. I spent many years as professional dancer in Tropicana. Having a Cuban guide from the world of art is a huge advantage for you because I can help pull back the curtain to the real Cuba, it's rhythm, the feeling and how it moves and breathes. When I see our guests put in a big effort to feel our rhythms and understand our art, it feels like recognition and applause for our culture and artists. Join us for the next adventure.

From Our Director

I was drawn to Cuba in 1997, for an international youth festival. That first trip was at once challenging to enter a world so different and enchanting to experience glimpses of the warmth of the Cuban people. After I returned to California, Cuba kept calling me back.

In 2001 I began to study with Eduardo Pimentel, The President of the Cuban Yoga Association. My heart was warmed by seeing people practice yoga out of the pure love and calling to practice. The first Summer that I practiced with Eduardo it was in the entrance of the National Theater. We all lined up along floor to ceiling windows in the Lobby. His humor and description of the internal practice of yoga moved me. Cubans were facing many obstacles to connect to yoga such as the lack of spaces to practice, mats and other resources. I would meet his students in hallways, apartments and rooftops to practice and share our love of yoga.

The Summer of 2001 was also a special time for conscious underground Hip Hop and spoken word in Cuba. Young people were expressing poetry prolifically in the streets, in Peñas, in huge concerts and independent documentaries.

In October of 2001, before entering an intensive 18 month yoga teacher training, I decided to live in Cuba for a few months to study yoga in Spanish with Eduardo. It was a goal of mine to offer yoga to the Spanish speaking community in California. That Fall was the start of Cuba Wellness Adventures even though I did not realize it at the time. While immersed in the heart centered Cuban yoga, music and poetry, I fell in love. I fell in love with the humanity that I saw in people's interactions, with the safety that kids enjoyed in the streets, with yoga for the sake of yoga far from profit, with the powerful mixture of music that a new generation was creating and with my future husband and his family. This love drives my goal to bring people together and share our cultures, our experiences and our practices. We would be honored to show you the magic of Cuba through connections with the people who make it unique in this world.
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Our Story

Cuba Wellness Adventures was founded by Cuban artists and San Francisco Bay Area yoga teachers, dancers, artists and public school teachers with a goal of connecting travelers to aspects of Cuba not usually seen by tourists.
We wanted people to see the complexities and beautifully unique parts of Cuban culture that we saw through growing up there, having close family in Havana, participating in celebrations, spiritual gatherings and staying for long periods of time in Cuba. Our trip coordinators are always a combination of Cubans and Americans with many years of experience living in and traveling in Cuba. The trips we facilitate offer a unique way to connect with another culture through dance, yoga and holistic medicine. While in Cuba you will have doors opened for you to make real and lasting connections with Cuban professionals, people who practice yoga, dancers, and families.

What we do



Practice yoga with students and teachers from the Cuban Yoga Association. Share cultures through wellness practices.


Experience live performances and classes with top Cuban teachers and dancers.


Immerse yourself in the magic sounds of live Cuban music.


Connect with the magic of Cuba through the people that make it unique in this world.

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    "I am so grateful that Shoshanna was my travel guide in Cuba. Not only is she friendly, reliable and professional, she really knows the culture, land and people of Cuba. I really felt like I got to know the real Cuba, not just the tourist spots. I felt extremely safe and in good hands the entire trip. Plus, it was fun! I highly recommend her services."
    -Elizabeth R | Bozeman, MT