Yoga Inspiration from Havana
February 25, 2019
Yoga Inspiration from Havana
February 25, 2019
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Cuba Travel: Is it still legal to go to Cuba?

This might be the perfect time to plan that trip to Cuba.

Last week the current administration announced that it would be making new restrictions on travel to Cuba. The speech left us all with many questions.

What are the new travel restrictions for US citizens and residents?

The last time that this administration made a similar speech (in 2017) about policy changes, it was several months before any details about the changes were released. In the meantime, the small businesses in Cuba and Cuban people felt the impact of the almost immediate drop in US visitors. 

The current regulations have not been changed. In 2017, if you booked travel before the OFAC changes took effect, your travel was still under the previous guidelines. If this is precedent is repeated, it is a good time to book travel. We have not canceled any of our trips. The airlines and cruises have also made statements that no trips have been canceled.

Who will feel the biggest impact of the new restrictions?

We are thinking a lot about our friends and family and the people who we work with in Cuba. We are sad that these new restrictions will create more struggles. The Cuban people who have worked extremely hard to develop a small business will feel the new restrictions. The new restrictions will hurt the economy and create even more hardship for the Cuban people. 

We always try to work with small business and creative entrepreneurs in Cuba. We will always work find the best legal way to bring people together across cultures.

Can you still go to Cuba?

Yes! Come to Cuba. We have a wonderful dance program to dance in 2020, New Years in Havana. We are also available this Summer for custom trips for your family or friends. Let us know when you want to go and let your trip help the Cuban people prepare for the upcoming challenges. 

We will comply with the new restrictions and with over 21 years of experience in Cuba, we are committed to bringing you the best legal ways to see the magic of Cuba, now and moving forward….

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