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See the real Cuba and meet the Cuban people who make it magic. On every specialty tour we will have a maximum of 12 participants. The small group size allows you to connect with Cuban culture. We will stay in beautiful BnBs to get a flavor of the places we visit. On all of our tours you will have dance classes, visit historical and cultural sites, go out dancing and hear amazing live music and have daily yoga available. Our bilingual guides will bring you up close to the magic of Cuba. Let us create a game changing adventure of your dreams "A Lo Cubano!"
Join us for a game changing adventure in Western Cuba! See and experience the real Cuba in a conscious way, allowing you to support local artists and businesses, taste local cuisine, indulge in Cuban history and culture. We will learn about Cuba's resourceful and sustainable agriculture practices in rural and urban organic farms. We will eat at restaurants that work directly with the farms. Experience new and traditional Cuban cuisine with chefs who are dedicated to the farm to table movement. One of the best ways to understand a culture is through the food, how it is grown, how it is cooked and through sharing meals with locals. We will have yoga class with the Cuban Yoga Association and dance classes with wonderful Cuban teachers. Let's eat!!!
Come play, hear amazing music, connect with Cubans and do yoga at one of the the most exciting cities in the world. This trip is the beautiful union of a yoga retreat and the wonders of Havana. After morning yoga classes, we will have full days of exploration of art, music, world heritage sites, seeing the famous beaches of Eastern Havana and connecting with Cuban culture. We will learn some great dance moves from excellent Cuban instructors. Your nights will be filled with music from World class Cuban musicians. You will also have the amazing opportunity to learn from teachers from the Cuban Yoga Association. We are staying in a beautiful BnB the heart of Old Havana. The BnB is a center of culture and theater. If you have been waiting to bring your loved ones with you on a yoga retreat, this trip will have adventure and cultural exchange for everyone. These exciting trips will be our smallest group size to immerse you in Cuban culture. Space is very limited. Ask us about adding extra days in another part of Cuba

"Daily life will be a bit different and improved because of my time with you [Cuba Wellness Adventures], with your family and our group in Cuba. There will be more light, love, and depth which will provide better balance."
-Leigh I. | Austin,TX