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See the real Cuba and meet the Cuban people who make it magic. You will have Cuban and International guides with over 20 years of experience facilitating travel in Cuba. Your guides will be available to curate an amazing experience and you get the concierge experience. There are amazing festivals and events all over Cuba and throughout the year. Let us handle the details of your adventure. Here is a partial list of the events that you can attend with Cuba Wellness Adventures. Join the magic!

Partial list of events

  • November 8-12, 2019 Havana Marathon
  • December 9-16, 2019 International Film festival in Havana
  • January 16-20, 2020 Havana Jazz Festival
  • July International Film Festival of Gibara
  • April 20-26, 2020 International Cuban Dance Festival
  • October 27th-Nov 3, 2020 International Ballet Festival of Havana
  • February 16-20, 2020 Habano Cigar Festival
  • October 16-21, 2020 International Yoga Festival
  • *Don't see the festival or event you want to join? Send us an email and let's get you to that event!
We never travel just to travel. It's our mission to bring healing, heart opening journeys that are significant. We strive to have a positive impact for both our participants and the communities that host us. This means we don't go everywhere but we are beyond excited to open up 2 amazing programs. Come with us to the Hawaiian Islands, the childhood home of our director and to Spain, the new home of some wonderful Cuban colleagues. Maui programs are private wellness programs for just you, your family or your group of friends. Very limited availability because of the personalized programs. Spain programs coming soon in Fall 2020. Expand your community with us!
We work with Universities, foundations, non-profits, study abroad programs, volunteers and individuals/groups to create wonderful legal and licensed trips to Cuba. We would love to design a custom tour and cultural immersion for your group. Free consultations and sample itineraries. It is an honor to create unique experiences and heart opening adventures for your group. Please register below if you are an individual who is joining a planned custom trip. We are so excited to see you on an adventure in Cuba!

A dance teacher who collaborated on a custom trip

  • "In 2015 I considered taking a group of students to Cuba. I knew I wanted an expert to help me; so I reached out to Shoshanna, who patiently listened to my ideas and was very open & receptive to what I had in mind to take a group in 2016. Shoshanna was able to plan a fantastic trip for the group. Even with a larger group, Cuba Wellness Adventures planned a trip with great outings and we were able to really immerse into the Cuban culture...From stopping at a beautiful place to enjoy a welcome reception on our way to Varadero, to going to local concerts, visiting two cities, to taking dance classes from local professional dancers and much more. She was able to plan everything for us and take care of a large group. She made it look like everything was smooth & easy even though I know how complex this task could be. I appreciate her professionalism and would recommend her trips to everybody that wants to explore Cuba in an authentic way." -Andreina F. | Dance Instructor and Founder of Dancing Saved My Life, a nonprofit who raises funds to support stress relief retreats for women with cancer.

"Daily life will be a bit different and improved because of my time with you [Cuba Wellness Adventures], with your family and our group in Cuba. There will be more light, love, and depth which will provide better balance."
-Leigh I. | Austin,TX