B School Affiliate 2018

Our B School Bonus is a trip in Cuba!!!

We are honored to be 2018 B School Affiliates because of the positive impact that B School has had on our business and our lives. We are also thrilled to offer our bonus. In addition to all of Marie’s bonuses you can come to Cuba. Check out the program tour of B School to find out if it is right for you.

Cuban culture, like B School, has taught us a lot about laughing and enjoying the process even when we are facing challenges. I recently tried to put into words what keeps me coming back to Cuba for our blog entry, called Love and Adventure. The main theme that I kept expressing is that I never felt loneliness in Cuba. One of the main issues that modern creatives and entrepreneurs face is feeling lonely.

Our B School Bonus is about creating real in person networks and community with other amazing B Schoolers, while learning about a culture that is driven by a sense of connection. We envision a heart opening, game changing adventure full of new perspectives and a new international network of creative and inspired business owners. Since we earn a referral fee, we want to give you that value back, in this amazing experience in Cuba

Your trip date will be announced a little more than 2 weeks after the close of 2018 B School Launch, March 20th, and will take place in 2018 between May and November. It will be 3 days and 2 nights and a legal and licensed trip for US citizens/ residents and international B Schoolers. We will have an opportunity to meet with Cuban entrepreneurs, musicians, dancers, yoga teachers and artists. It includes 3 days/ 2 nights accommodations in Havana, 3 meals per day, bilingual guides, and a full time schedule of educational cultural exchange. * For you Free with B School! (Value $1259)*Not Included airfare, ground transportation,optional activities

This is a powerful bonus that will support the transformation you experience with B School and set you up for sustainability and balance in your business. And we are so excited to see you on this adventure in Cuba!!! B School cart is open! Sign up for an amazing business school and a bonus trip to Cuba!!!

"Daily life will be a bit different and improved because of my time with you [Cuba Wellness Adventures], with your family and our group in Cuba. There will be more light, love, and depth which will provide better balance."
-Leigh I. | Austin,TX